Monthly Subscription Service

Welcome the GOLDEN TICKET CLUB – Your Passport to our Monthly Chocolate Subscription Service! 🍫✨

🌟 Indulge in Decadence:

Immerse yourself in the world of handcrafted indulgence with our Monthly Chocolate Subscription. Each month, we deliver a carefully curated selection of handmade chocolates straight to your doorstep, ensuring a sweet escape from the ordinary.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Family-Run & Ethical:

At Cocoa Creations Ltd, we’re more than just chocolatiers; we’re a family passionate about creating moments of joy. Our commitment extends beyond taste – it’s about crafting high-quality, ethical, and environmentally conscious treats that align with our values.

🌈 Flavorful Democracy:

Become the flavor maestro! Our exclusive Flavor Voting feature empowers you to influence the next month’s creation. Your voice matters, and we’re excited to co-create a delicious journey with our chocolate-loving community.

🌍 Sustainability Meets Sweetness:

With Cocoa Creations Ltd, you’re not just enjoying chocolates; you’re supporting an eco-friendly approach. Our commitment to ethical practices ensures that every bite you take is a step towards a sweeter and sustainable future.

πŸ”’ Subscribe Today:

Ready to embark on this delectable adventure? Subscribe now and elevate your chocolate experience. Whether it’s a thoughtful gift or a self-indulgent treat, Cocoa Creations Ltd promises a monthly escape into the extraordinary. A pair of hand picked bars and at least 3 truffles will be delivered to your door every month. Monthly subscription renews each month. Hassle free cancellation is just an email or message to our social media profiles asking for a stop to the payment.

Whilst every effort is made to cater to all dietary needs, we cannot guarantee that we can meet them all. We will always offer an alternative where possible, or a choice of a previous offering that was acceptable. We currently have a plant based alternative to milk chocolate which is Lactose, Gluten and Soya free. Our Dark chocolate is Gluten and Soya free. We cannot offer a Nut Free Milk, Dark or White chocolate as our supplier handles nuts in the same factory.

Join us in celebrating the art of handmade chocolates. Let’s create moments of joy, one delightful box at a time.